Broken Key Extractions

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broken key extractions

Broken Key Extractions

Your lock will remain intact after the broken key extractions

That’s how delicate we are with broken key extractions. We understand how it can be stressful thinking about replacing the lock after your key breaks inside. But our technicians are skilled enough to ensure that every piece of the key that was broken in the ignition and lock will be extracted without damaging the lock.

You get New Keys right on the spot after the broken key extractions

After successfully tracing the broken key from the lock, we may also assist you in making a spare key. You don’t have to wait any longer; we have professionals on hand who can build one for you right now. We can produce a duplicate of the brown key’s signature for you to take home.

It would be beneficial if you avoided connecting the key’s shattered bits. If you try to break the lock manually, you risk damaging it unless you have the correct equipment and are creepy. As a result, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a damaged key extracted from your car in San Francisco.

No matter the situation, we can get it out

State-of-the-art Key Extraction Equipment

The unfortunate aspect of a broken key incidence for automobile owners is that the key is often broken off in the midst of the car lock, making extraction much more difficult. We’ll make sure the lock is properly lubricated so that extraction is as simple as possible. We’ll make sure the broken key extraction instrument is secure and feed it through the lock’s keyway. This will enable the tool’s teeth to grip the key’s cuts. Our professionals will begin pulling progressively until the broken key is retrieved, with the tool securely interlocked with the key. This procedure takes a few minutes and must be completed in order to avoid damage to the lock.


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