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House Lockout

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House Lockout

House Lockout

If you are locked out of your house, fright sets in immediately, but that is not the right emotion to display in such instances. Are you in a house lockout situation? Call our toll-free line at (415) 877-9351 for a professional locksmith to get you out.

At Key Maker near me, our reputation precedes us. We are fast, affordable, and always on time before panic set in. We have all suffered a lockout at some point in our lives. And although it was not fun and never is, there are reasons for these problems.

Some common house lockout issues are:

Lost or misplaced keys?

Keys are minute and it is easy to lose or misplace them. Do not feel bad about losing your keys; it happens to the best of us. However, if you find yourself in this situation, do not tamper with the lock, pick it up, or insert an object that might damage the lock and make it cost more to fix. The guys at Key Maker near Me San Francisco are professional locksmiths with the tools and amenities to create a new key for you on the spot. If you lose your house key or are locked out, call us at (415) 877-9351.

I left the keys in your home.

This is a simple locksmith service that will take minutes. However, if you have another entry point into the home, use it to retrieve the keys. If not, call a professional to pick the lock without damaging it. Furthermore, if you accidentally close the door behind you, call a locksmith immediately if you are unable to gain entry into your home.

  • The key turns unrestricted in the lock.
  • The lock is damaged and needs a change, or it has suffered excess wear and tear and must be replaced with something better. Many times, locks are fixed and forgotten. We use them forever without any maintenance or replacement, even when they are faulty.
  • The door is jammed, and I cannot seem to pry it open.
  • This happens when the door is old, or the frame is damaged. If you try any harder, you will probably destroy the door and probably need a complete replacement, including the lock and key. Old doors are prone to jamming in the frame; call the locksmith at Key Maker near me. Your door will not be jammed again.
  • The key broke off in the lock.

Final Thought house lockout

This is a common issue during house lockouts, but there is a solution. If the key is broken inside the lock, the locksmith will extract the piece and make a new key for you on the spot. However, if the lock is damaged or old, it is advisable to change it to avoid a repeat of the incident.

Additionally, our house lockout service is also on the emergency hotline at our company. So, regardless of what time you lost your key or were locked out of your house, do not worry. Call us at (415) 877-9351.

We are the dependable, trustworthy, and reasonably priced locksmith for all San Francisco residents and neighborhoods.


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