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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

Lockouts happen at odd hours. And if you do not have a locksmith 24-7 at hand, it is frustration and anger bundled together.

However, San Francisco residents have the best, always-available locksmith at their beck and call. We’re a locally owned and run locksmith company serving residents for over a decade.

Having a locksmith around the clock is luxurious services. Many people take for granted until they lose their keys and are locked out of their home, car, or business place. If you live in San Francisco, California, or surrounding counties, call the professionals at (415) 877-9351. We’re your go-to locksmith offering 24/7 locksmith services in our community.

What do we offer?

24/7 Locksmith is like any other locksmith service, except we work around the clock and are available day or night. There is no restriction. And we will not fault you for calling in the wee hours or late at night.

If you have a key or lock issue, you know you have our trusted neighborhood locksmith on the lookout for you.

However, charges might differ because of the risk associated with working at such hours and the inconvenience to the locksmith.

Our locksmith 24/7 services include:

  • House lockout – lost keys, misplaced keys, and keys stuck in locks, keys broke in locks, faulty locks, and other residential key and lock needs.
  • Car lockout – misplaced or lost keys, key stuck in the ignition, trunk lockout, jammed door, roadside assistance, and more
  • Key duplication, extraction, rekeying, installation, door opening, lock reconfiguration, and more.

We also help the police and firefighters unlock doors in cases of emergencies.

Why us?

We are lock and key in person and understand the frustration of not having your keys at hand when you need them the most. Additionally, San Francisco is a busy city. And our mobile-equipped trunks mean getting to more people and resolving all key and lock issues efficiently.

When we get a call, we contact the locksmith closest to your location to reach out immediately.

If the call is at night. Our call agents will stay on the line with you until a technician reaches out to your location.

We are the number one locksmith in SF, and locksmith is a passion. So, whether automotive, commercial, or residential. If it is locks and keys, it cannot be done better, faster, or cheaper than us. Additionally, our services are fully insured, certified, and registered by the appropriate body to ease the minds of our clients day or night.

Our staff is fully uniformed with name tags and a valid ID for your inspection. Any locksmith without a form of identification should not be allowed on your premises. Unless you know them outside of work.

We know our jobs. And our technicians will gladly walk you through the repair process. And make assure you that the right solution is being proffered to a problem.

If you are locked out and need a reliable 24/7 emergency locksmith service, call the best locksmith in San Francisco at (415) 877-9351.


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