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Trunk Lockout

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Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockout

Locked your keys in the trunk? Not to worry, our 24/7 trunk lockout services are swift, professional, and will be with you in 30 minutes from anywhere in San Francisco.

At Key Maker Near Me, we understand the urgency of having your keys fixed, whether a house, business or car keys, locked in the trunk. We are your go-to, 100% guaranteed locksmith to get you out of a situation faster and affordably.

Call Key Maker near me at (415) 877-9351 now. Unlike regular car lockouts, trunk lockouts are complex, and working with an unqualified locksmith can cause more damage to your trunk. A good locksmith must know the access route through the back seat of the car, or like us, have the right equipment to pry open your trunk without causing any damage.

Our trunk lock-out service includes:

  • Lockdown of the trunk
  • Faulty locks
  • A broken key in the trunk lock
  • Trunk deadlock solution
  • Trunk lock replacement
  • Trunk lockout replacement or repair service

Our technicians are well-trained and will open a locked trunk according to the car model and design. For old model cars, where the driver’s door handle opens all locks, we will check for the fault in this location and fix it accordingly. Sometimes, the locksmith will pick the lock to open the door and then proceed to repair the problem with the trunk, causing a lockout.

We deal with newer car models that use electronic security systems or remote controls. We have specialized equipment that enables us to open the door and access the trunk.

Additionally, if the trunk lock is different, we have the expertise and tools to open such trunks and have you on your way in minutes. If the trunk lockout process is caused by a damaged lock, broken key, or jammed key in the lock, we can handle that too.

Our technicians will remove the old lock and replace it with the exact brand. If the key is broken or jammed in the lock, we have machines to cut a new key on the spot while we extract the damaged key. Regardless of what the problem is concerning your trunk lockout, you can trust Key Maker near Me, San Francisco, to get you out of the situation.

24/7 trunk lock out

Trunk lockout can happen any time of the day or night, and we understand the panic when it occurs. However, our San Francisco residents know that with one call to our office, their entire problem is solved. We have locksmiths around the state who can reach you within an hour. If you call us at night. We will insist on an ID to verify that you are the car owner.

Our tips to prevent a trunk lockout.

Do not attempt to postpone a faulty lock. Fix it immediately.

If the key is difficult to turn or you have to exert pressure on the trunk before it opens, call us immediately.

Always have an extra key on hand. Especially if you are fond of misplacing your keys.

A trunk lockout can happen to anyone. But if you reside in San Francisco, call the Key Maker near Me team at (415) 877-9351 now.


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