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Welcome to Locksmith Millbrae CA Service.

Our expert locksmith service offers exceptional and premium locksmithing solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs and desires. For your sake, we will go above and beyond and provide swift 24/7 services like no other. So whether you are locked out at 4 a.m. or 12 at midnight, we are waiting for your call.

We offer a secure locksmith service that will make your home or premises look and feel safe, especially from burglars and intruders. It does not matter what type of locksmith service you want; we have the finest team and use only top-notch products in serving our customers.

To improve your security and protect your family


Residential Locksmiths

Residential Locksmith

Residences must have quality lock/security systems installed in them to make them safe. At Millbrae Locksmith Service, we are considered the best and most professional locksmith for homes and buildings in this category.

Call our trained locksmiths today to install the highest quality security system in your home.

Commercial Lock & Keys

Commercial Locksmith

Millbrae Locksmith Service offers its expertise to commercial and business owners in and around Millbrae. We are also a security consulting company, ensuring investments and buildings in these categories are safe for employees and customers. Our professionally and skillfully trained locksmiths will tackle your problems regarding the locks and keys’ design.

Auto Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith

We have the best automotive locksmiths in Millbrae. They are highly trained and educated with the latest skills because we understand the significance of your car. Are you in a car lockout? Hire Millbrae Locksmith Service. We offer professional car locksmith services in all of Millbrae and the surrounding areas. Whether you need an ignition lock or programming, replacement, or repairs, if it is not Millbrae Locksmith Service, nobody does it better.

24-Hour Locksmith

Locksmith 24/7

We provide locksmith services in Locksmith  San Francisco 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether they are residential, commercial, or automotive projects. We realize how frustrating it may be to be locked out of your house or automobile at strange hours. Our commitment to keeping all of our clients safe extends beyond resolving difficulties to being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Locksmith Nearby

Locksmith Near Me

With our locksmith nearby services, you do not need to worry about being stuck for an extended period of time! Whether it’s residential, business, or automotive locksmith services, we’re recognized for being quick and ready to help you get out of any sticky situation. We have a locksmith near you, no matter where you are in Locksmith San Francisco to address any problem and give a long-term solution. Our mobile locksmith service is fully operational, serving customers all around Locksmith San Francisco. We are simply a few minutes away from assisting you with any locksmith concerns you may have.

Local Locksmith Services

Local Locksmith

We take pride in being one of the best local locksmith services in Locksmith San Francisco, California. More importantly, our passion is deeply rooted in every street in Locksmith San Francisco, as we have served the communities for many years. Plus, our services ensure that every customer that comes to us is treated with the utmost respect.

Finding an expert local smith service in the Bay area might be tough. This is because we have a large team of professionals that make sure you’re safe and secure. Our Locksmith services in Locksmith San Francisco, on the other hand, are a fantastic local locksmith service that you can trust. We provide a variety of local locksmith services that cover a wide range of places.

Emergency Services

Emergency Locksmith

Since you cannot predict when your key gets jammed or there is a lock issue in your office. You need a locksmith service that is always ready to be called on to help with any lock and key issues. We provide emergency services to help you cope with the unpredictability of locks and key difficulties in your home, business, or vehicle. We make it simple to repair, replace, and install locks and keys to keep you safe.

Safe Lockout

Safe Lockout

Safe lockouts also happen. So when it does, do not hesitate to call the trusted locksmith at Millbrae. If you have fears of strangers invading your privacy, then do not worry. Our locksmiths are trained to respect your privacy and not trespass on your spaces. Our goal is to ensure that your Safety is secure and cannot be opened by anyone except you.

High Security Locks

High Security Locks

Do you need to ramp up the security at your premises? If yes, why not try high-security doors to keep your home protected from intruders and burglars? We will replace all the old locks with a smart lock solution to help you sleep easily.

24/7 EMERGENCY Services

our  professionals   professionals  are always ready to help.

We realize that losing your key or having a jammed lock may happen at any time; We not only guarantee emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we also encourage home, workplace, and automobile security. For all types of locksmith services in Millbrae, contact us at any time. You should select us if you want a skilled locksmith business that will work around the clock to keep you and your family safe. Our specialists at Key Maker Near Me are dedicated to keeping you secure at all times of the day.

Unmatched Security all-round the year

Do you have ever been concerned about the family business or property’s safety while you’re away travel or go to bed? Then it’s time to consider high-tech security precautions. But, with the correct security measures installed by a professional locksmith, you may sleep well without fear of a break-in. For many years, Key Maker Near Me has provided locks and key solutions to the residents of Locksmith San Francisco and continues to retain quality in every locksmith situation.

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Locksmith Millbrae CA

Bay Area's Finest Locksmith Company

We want you to be confident that when our specialists install locks in your home, workplace, or automobile, you will be using the most up-to-date technology in locks and keys. We recognize that some robbers have been able to circumvent the security of old systems; but, with our cutting-edge locksmith services, we provide the absolute best in lock technology. You may rely on high-security locks, transponder keys, key card systems, and a variety of additional security measures. So, while other homes and businesses rely on outdated security methods, we provide cutting-edge security solutions that protect your assets and the lives of your loved ones.

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When you decide to pick a locksmith, you should remember these factors. Even though they are your neighbors, they are still strangers in your home. So be careful when choosing one.

Unmatched value for customers

We pride ourselves on being able to provide what the client needs. You can count on us to show you security systems, locks, and cameras suitable for your business without any cost. When we carry out a job, we assess the property and what is needed before submitting a quote. This process applies to residential, commercial, and other buildings but is different for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Our mobile services

We live in the 21st century, and customers cannot wait for services to come. The most reasonable thing to do is to have a fleet of cars that will reach customers on time and attend to their fears.


How competitive is their pricing? This is a crucial factor when choosing a locksmith service. While cheap is not quality, in this market, it can mean just that. So check the prices and negotiate if you have to. However, if they offer a flat rate, then the pricing is not negotiable.

 Finally, ask around for other people that have used their service. If they make good comments, they are okay, but if the remarks are negative, then beware and move ahead.

If you live in Millbrae and need a qualified locksmith, do not hesitate to call us. We are just a call away.

Up-to-date Security Solutions

Our locksmiths are all highly skilled specialists. Key Maker Near Me Services is staffed by a group of highly skilled locksmiths with years of expertise and rigorous training. We strive to be the finest in the field; thus, we send our locksmiths on extended training tours and ensure our workshops and services are up to date. As a result, we only hire employees that are capable of dealing with any form of lockout.

Suppose you need assistance determining the finest security solutions for your home or workplace. In that case, we can offer professional advice on the best alternatives for your case as well as a detailed price.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our technicians are committed to any project; they always put you first. To protect lives, we repair, replace, and install locks to the best of our abilities. When working on residential, commercial, and automotive projects, we are a passionate brand that puts all of our experience to the test. Our technicians are quick to respond to your call to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We’ll always be close by if you’re in San Francisco, no matter what time of day it is. Our passion extends beyond finishing a job and being available to ensure that the locks and keys solutions we provide are long-lasting.


Security of lives and properties

Our number one goal is to ensure the safety of people and property at all costs. As a result, whether you have a broken key or a jammed lock at home, at work, or in your car, we can solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Our agent will ask the essential questions once you contact, and our professionals on the way will have a good grasp of the task they will be doing. So, whether you need a little or major home or commercial locksmith project, consider hiring the top Key Maker Near Me business

Wide Range Locksmith Services

We have a team of highly qualified individuals that can promptly and efficiently tackle any problem you may have. To complete the operation as quickly as possible, we employ mobile locksmith equipment that enables our professionals to do the task efficiently. Furthermore, if required, we may provide you with new keys or repair your car's ignition if this is the problem you're having. We realize how frequent it is to misplace your keys to your house, business, or even your automobile. We want you to know that if you have a lock emergency, you may reach a professional by phoning our number.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Whatever the problem, our highly qualified staff will solve it quickly and efficiently for you. For residential, business, and automobile locks and key concerns, their mobile locksmith equipment allows them to get the job done as soon as possible with the greatest outcomes. In addition, if necessary, we will offer you new keys or fix your vehicle's ignition. When you have a lock emergency, we want you to know that a knowledgeable team is simply a phone call away.

About Us

Millbrae Locksmith Service’s humble beginnings started 2 decades ago in the basement of our grandmother’s home. We have nothing but our basic tools to pick the locks and drills to break down difficult locks and make our job easy. Today the story is different. We have improved and upgraded our tools to modern and advanced ones to tackle any door design and lock type. Additionally, to fit into the competitive workspace of locksmiths, our staff are constantly on their feet, learning and improving their skills. However, that is not all. Every staff member must take part in training, seminars, and programs meant to boost their skillset in the industry. Millbrae locksmith has distinguished itself by having a fleet of trunks well-equipped with modern tools to give you on-site assistance anywhere you are in Millbrae.

Locksmith van with stickers

We are locksmiths. And that is what we passionately do. So, if you are locked out of your home, business, car, or property, call our 24-hour emergency service to help you out. With our services, we can help

  • Car owners
  • Make a duplicate of a lost or stolen key.
  • Secure properties with surveillance cameras and systems.
  • Install a high-security system, deadbolts, and high-grade locks.
  • Offer roadside assistance.
  • Conduct maintenance and consultations.

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Millbrae is a city located in northern San Mateo County, California, United States. To its northeast is Locksmith San Francisco International Airport, San Bruno is on its northwest, and Burlingame on its southeast. It is bordered by San Andreas Lake to the southwest. The population was 23,216 at the 2020 census.
Millbrae is in San Mateo County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in Millbrae offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Millbrae there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many retirees live in Millbrae and residents tend to be liberal.
The new city’s chief industries were agriculture, floriculture, dairy and porcelain manufacturing. Transportation has shaped Millbrae’s growth. From the turn of the century, the #40 “interurban” streetcar traveled through Millbrae linking the city with San Francisco and San Mateo.
San Mateo County, officially the County of San Mateo, is a county located in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2020 census, the population was 764,442. Redwood City is the county seat, and the third most populated city following Daly City and San Mateo.


We’re simply a phone call or email away from resolving any locksmith concerns you could have. Since you never know when your locks will fail, you can depend on us to be there for you at any time of day. Our operations are open 24 hours a day, with specialists rotating through to provide you with the best locksmith services in San Francisco, CA.

To improve your security and protect your family, give us a call or send us an email today.

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