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Welcome to Locksmith Pacifica CA. Advanced Locks and Keys Locksmith Service. We are your neighborhood locksmith, ensuring your keys and locks are in good working condition to protect your home and business.
Our services are fast, affordable, and satisfactory. Whether you are locked out of your car, house, business, or in a lock fix, we are committed to serving you no matter the time – day or night.
There is no compromise on the quality or service provided. Our dealings are transparent and available to all that call us. Are you looking for the best locksmith in Pacifica? You just found us. Call us for a consultation, quote, or on-site service.

To improve your security and protect your family


Residential Locksmiths

Residential Locksmith

Locked out of your home? Then you need a residential locksmith. A residential locksmith handles all lock and key issues relating to living spaces, whether they are homes, condos, lounges, or others. If it has a lock and uses a lock, we can fix all problems related to it. Your home is your sanctuary, so when hiring a locksmith, make sure they are bonded and insured with a qualified team to support their vision and yours. Our locksmith services include lockouts, lock repairs, lock rekeying, lock replacement, lock installation, and more.

Commercial Lock & Keys

Commercial Locksmith

Your business is an investment that must be protected. If you want the right locks and keys for your property but are not sure which one to choose, for a proper consultation and quotes, contact Pacifica Advanced Locks and Keys Locksmith.

Call us now. Whether you want to know more about locks and need a qualified locksmith to consult with you, call us now.

Auto Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith

For many individuals, being locked out of their automobile or having a stuck key in the ignition is a nightmare. However, with our skilled locksmith team, you can be certain that any vehicle lock and key issue will be resolved quickly. Our professionals provide a comprehensive range of auto locksmith services for vehicles of all makes and models. Plus, we are available all through the year 24 hours a day.

Contact us for the premium auto locksmith services anywhere in San Francisco, CA.
(415) 877-9351

Ignition replace

Ignition Replace

We have a 24-hour service that attends to the model of the car. If you have ignition problems, we will fix the ignition either by repairing, replacing, or reinstalling a new one. If the key is broken in the ignition, we will extract the broken piece, inspect the ignition for damage, repair or replace it, and then make a new key for you. All these services will not take more than an hour on the same day.

We also fix transponders, fobs, or reprogram chips, making necessary changes as we work. We have one assurance to all our customers: the problem we fixed will not arise again. If the ignition is beyond salvageable, it will be replaced with no questions asked. Your safety is paramount, and we will never do a quick job because you are on the way or have a meeting. It must be up to standard and top-notch. Finally, all jobs have a 60-day warranty and will be fixed free of charge if damaged within this time.

We have a flat rate charge on all our services and a minimum and maximum range for each one without any hidden cost.

Locksmith Nearby

Locksmith Near Me

With our locksmith nearby services, you do not need to worry about being stuck for an extended period of time! Whether it’s residential, business, or automotive locksmith services, we’re recognized for being quick and ready to help you get out of any sticky situation. We have a locksmith near you, no matter where you are in Locksmith San Francisco to address any problem and give a long-term solution. Our mobile locksmith service is fully operational, serving customers all around Locksmith San Francisco. We are simply a few minutes away from assisting you with any locksmith concerns you may have.

Car Lockout

Local Locksmith

The days of using slim wire hangers to pick locks are over, and today we use approved methods and technologies approved by the locksmith industry to unlock your car and get you back on the road. Whether you drive a van, a truck, a car, an SUV, or another, we have the technical know-how to get the job done in minutes. There is no time wastage, compromise, or hidden charges with our job. Additionally, our service is fast, reliable, and swift, and we are available night or day for you.

Emergency Services

Emergency Locksmith

Since you cannot predict when your key gets jammed or there is a lock issue in your office. You need a locksmith service that is always ready to be called on to help with any lock and key issues. We provide emergency services to help you cope with the unpredictability of locks and key difficulties in your home, business, or vehicle. We make it simple to repair, replace, and install locks and keys to keep you safe.

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Have you lost your car key or the lock is suddenly faulty and will not work? You can go to the dealership if you want, but it will take a couple of days, whereas, with us, you can have your car key on the spot within minutes. Our technicians have fully equipped trucks with tools to fix old and new models of cars. So, whether you’ve misplaced your keys, have them stuck in the ignition, or have a trunk lockout, we can get it done in minutes.

Mailbox install

Mailbox Install

Mailbox service: whether you are installing the lock or changing it, we have a team to ensure it is done well. If your mailbox is dragging you down, our 24/7 emergency locksmith solution will be at your location within minutes. Other specialty services are storage locks, file cabinets, and safe lockouts. Our 24-hour locksmith experts are always on call to help you out.

24/7 EMERGENCY Services

our  professionals   professionals  are always ready to help.

We realize that losing your key or having a jammed lock may happen at any time; We not only guarantee emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we also encourage home, workplace, and automobile security. For all types of  locksmith services in Pacifica, contact us at any time. You should select us if you want a skilled locksmith business that will work around the clock to keep you and your family safe. Our specialists at Key Maker Near Me are dedicated to keeping you secure at all times of the day.

Unmatched Security all-round the year

Do you have ever been concerned about the family business or property’s safety while you’re away travel or go to bed? Then it’s time to consider high-tech security precautions. But, with the correct security measures installed by a professional locksmith, you may sleep well without fear of a break-in. For many years, Key Maker Near Me has provided locks and key solutions to the residents of San Francisco and continues to retain quality in every locksmith situation.

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Locksmith Pacifica CA

Bay Area's Finest Locksmith Company

We want you to be confident that when our specialists install locks in your home, workplace, or automobile, you will be using the most up-to-date technology in locks and keys. We recognize that some robbers have been able to circumvent the security of old systems; but, with our cutting-edge locksmith services, we provide the absolute best in lock technology. You may rely on high-security locks, transponder keys, key card systems, and a variety of additional security measures. So, while other homes and businesses rely on outdated security methods, we provide cutting-edge security solutions that protect your assets and the lives of your loved ones.

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“How does your locksmith business differ from others in San Francisco?” is a common question we receive from our customers. This is where we’ll begin. We are a devoted and enthusiastic locksmith firm dedicated to ensuring that everyone’s life and property are safe and secure. Our specialists work as hard for you as they do for their own families and companies to solve any lock and key problems you may have. We are empathetic, which motivates us to reply quickly to you wherever you are in San Francisco, CA.

Up-to-date Security Solutions

Our locksmiths are all highly skilled specialists. Key Maker Near Me Services is staffed by a group of highly skilled locksmiths with years of expertise and rigorous training. We strive to be the finest in the field; thus, we send our locksmiths on extended training tours and ensure our workshops and services are up to date. As a result, we only hire employees that are capable of dealing with any form of lockout.

Suppose you need assistance determining the finest security solutions for your home or workplace. In that case, we can offer professional advice on the best alternatives for your case as well as a detailed price.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our technicians are committed to any project; they always put you first. To protect lives, we repair, replace, and install locks to the best of our abilities. When working on residential, commercial, and automotive projects, we are a passionate brand that puts all of our experience to the test. Our technicians are quick to respond to your call to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We’ll always be close by if you’re in San Francisco, no matter what time of day it is. Our passion extends beyond finishing a job and being available to ensure that the locks and keys solutions we provide are long-lasting.


Security of lives and properties

Our number one goal is to ensure the safety of people and property at all costs. As a result, whether you have a broken key or a jammed lock at home, at work, or in your car, we can solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Our agent will ask the essential questions once you contact, and our professionals on the way will have a good grasp of the task they will be doing. So, whether you need a little or major home or commercial locksmith project, consider hiring the top Key Maker Near Me business

Wide Range Locksmith Services

We have a team of highly qualified individuals that can promptly and efficiently tackle any problem you may have. To complete the operation as quickly as possible, we employ mobile locksmith equipment that enables our professionals to do the task efficiently. Furthermore, if required, we may provide you with new keys or repair your car's ignition if this is the problem you're having. We realize how frequent it is to misplace your keys to your house, business, or even your automobile. We want you to know that if you have a lock emergency, you may reach a professional by phoning our number.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Whatever the problem, our highly qualified staff will solve it quickly and efficiently for you. For residential, business, and automobile locks and key concerns, their mobile locksmith equipment allows them to get the job done as soon as possible with the greatest outcomes. In addition, if necessary, we will offer you new keys or fix your vehicle's ignition. When you have a lock emergency, we want you to know that a knowledgeable team is simply a phone call away.

About Us

A little history is allowed, and remember this when dealing with us: we will never cut corners or use substandard products no matter what you say. It must be the best, and only the best.

Ours is a fascinating story. We started this business when my grandfather’s friend lost his keys, and he helped out. That was the beginning of a business that has lasted over 30 years in the making. Today, Pacifica Locks and Keys is a family-owned and operated business that services residents and businesses in Pacifica and the surrounding areas.

We started in a small garage, but today we are everywhere and doing exceedingly well with other branches and mobile units assisting customers in lockout situations. While our services have expanded over the years, we have not limited ourselves or stopped learning to provide the best service for our clients. It does not matter the extent of the situation; if you are locked out, then you need us. We have the tools and technical team to rescue you from the situation and get you inside your home, car, or business place safely without damage.

We are true locals and consider every customer in Pacifica and around the vicinity as significant as the next. Our goal is to build a safe and secure community for the residents and the kids of tomorrow, and it starts with one lock at a time.

Pacifica Locks Advanced Lock and Key Locksmith are here to serve, and our skills and friendliness are tools in our arsenal to beat the competition.

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Why We are Best?

Our technicians, customer support agents, and everyone on our team endeavour to give 100% client satisfaction. Our mission is to guarantee that life and property protection is enhanced with accuracy and expertise.

We also make sure that you don’t have to go through any lengthy procedures to protect your family, company, and automobiles from external dangers.

Our experts are always on the lookout for modern security solutions, such as new locks and keys, that may help them save time and stress. You’ll never have to worry about robbers or being locked out for too long as long as we’re on your side.

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Pacifica is a city in San Mateo County, California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean between Locksmith San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. 
Pacifica is the most panoramic coastal town in the San Francisco Bay Area and is famous for its beautiful coastline, breathtaking vistas, rocky bluffs and miles of sandy beaches.
Pacifica is a small town with charm. It is safe, family-friendly, and a good community. It is in the Bay Area, so prices of estate are competitive especially due to its location to the coast.
Its rich cultural heritage and intriguing bohemian personality make Pacifica a unique getaway worth discovering.


We’re simply a phone call or email away from resolving any locksmith concerns you could have. Since you never know when your locks will fail, you can depend on us to be there for you at any time of day. Our operations are open 24 hours a day, with specialists rotating through to provide you with the best locksmith services in San Francisco, CA.

To improve your security and protect your family, give us a call or send us an email today.

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